Thursday, August 16, 2007

when freewriting, don't turn back.

depredation breeding still. forthcoming words of wondering, wimpering, wailing in the darkness. do not lose the hope that is within you. it is within your very soul, oh you who cries in the night. the light you seek resides in you (have you forgotten in your grief?). your heart may refill if you so ask. the world is falling apart around you, but you have not fallen. you are standing in the rubble. you are only tired of standing, not through with standing. continue. continue.

depredation breeding still. mindless banter issuing from lips parched from incessant lack of depth. drinking their fill of worldy ashes that drains as soon as consumed. the pretending must end. the compromising has gone on long enough. it is you or the you they say you are. you decide.

depredation breeding still. author's pen tapping, aimless and withdrawn. withdrawn from reality and clarity and severity and prosperity. step out of that place in which you recoil. stretch the legs that have forgotten to walk. you will have to practice.

depredation breeding still. it is about time it is over.


therecoveringstoic said...

hmm... Your post seems very therapeutic. Very personal.

I hope you are strengthened by your own words, and even more so words of truth