Wednesday, August 15, 2007

sip, not do

what must transpire before the time has passed and i am no longer so incessantly reminded of the gap between point a and point b? i enhale and there is a bit less fresh air than there used to be, filling my lungs with half-satisfactory breath. memories are not tangible enough for me and i am afraid that statement paints a rather unappealing picture of a spoiled child. i do not feel spoiled. but, most spoiled people would probably say the same, so perhaps i am all along and have been disallusioning myself. :)

if you have not been to classic coffee, you really must. well, i should say, if you particularly like chai tea lattes. in all the coffee shops i have sat, sipping at chai tea lattes, classic coffee makes the very best. it is actually in a league all its own, i must say and i cannot abide purchasing it anywhere else as it is always a sore disappointment. if you go, you must ask for a "half vanilla, half spice" chai because that is to what i am referring when i say, "heaven in your mouth". yes.

so here i sit, sipping at my chai, and knowing that i have so much to do that i really should be doing and not sipping. knowing full well, that i only have two and a half weeks left before a small 5-day vacation and then final semester as an undergraduate student (what a relief), i am alarmed that i continue to sip rather than do.


postscript: and is it silly that i was thinking about selecting the font, bliss, because of how much in love i am?


Jason Pestell said...

A quelle heure est-ce que Classic Coffee ouvre? Je te demande parce que j'espèrais que je pourrais y aller pour partager un "Chai Tea Latte" avec toi avant qu'on irait à Disneyland. Si Classic Coffee ouvre à une heure matinale, je voudrais y aller avec TOI quand on ira à Disneyland ensemble. Et sinon, on pourrait trouver un endroit pour manger le petit déjeuner.