Tuesday, August 28, 2007

another summer ending

well my friends, the summer has finally announced its end. such an extended event it has been, too. its end is within view, in fact, and the heated days reveal hints of goodbyes (though they seem stubborn in lingering a bit longer). and it is with sweet anticipation that i look towards the direction of fall. for there is much that it signfies in the cyclic patterns that make up my life.

yes, i am tired and worn. and i fully admit my desire to sleep away an entire weekend and have the chance to dream freely again. i wish for energy to create and write and compose: the things that have been aloof of late. i am tired, but i miss things. i am not too tired to miss things.

it will be worth the fatigue from the last several weeks, when i see him. and then i will wish that the summer would renounce its ending and allow me to stay with him forever.


Jason Pestell said...

My Kimi I was so fortunate and truly blessed to see, to hold, to express my love towards. I only hope that the long needed rest was found, and that God will provide the strength for us to move on from Labor Day weekend, holding onto Him for our present and future.

T'es belle, et j'étais si joyeux de te voir!! Jusqu'au moment où on rencontrera encore ou où on parlera l'un avec l'autre, adieu.