Tuesday, July 3, 2007

the porch step lacks

sitting on a porch step. nowhere to go. no action to take. it is not up to me. in fact, i can only understand it from this one mind's view and that is not much as i have realized over all the years i have breathed and seen and heard and felt and slept and spoken and on and on...

this porch step frustrates me for i can do nothing but await an action of another, pacing back and forth and knowing that the action will, in turn, affect me to some unknown degree. and it just aches in places that i didn't know i had. to know. to know that i said something that hurt without any thought that it could hurt. and i wonder why it must be so.


Jason Pestell said...

I long to speak with you, to be with you, to see your face, and to bring it near to mine. I knew that to hide it would hurt you even more, to know that I was hurting but would not tell you why. So I told you, but not with expectations of help, merely of understanding which I felt and then the ability to let go. I could not let go until I told you, yet I did not tell you to burden you. I love you, and know of your deep love for me. I know such words came nowhere near the meaning that hurt me, and I now wish so deeply to bring you close to myself again. To hear your voice. To share our love verbally and literarily until we can do more.