Thursday, June 28, 2007

breeze is for longings

the breeze is blowing through green crowns, but i look on with a smile of wonderment, feeling nothing from the glass box in which i sit. music is the background that reminds me that this is temporary (and a mere 3.5 hours, at that). and then as i am grasping this reality, the picture zooms out to reveal a larger space and now the room is quite small and there i still sit. and i now see a larger picture where, before, the edges of details had been cut off. and i am left with the understanding of how everything is temporary. and i wait for the picture to once again zoom out that i may see how small this even larger picture really is in the spectrum of life.

yet no matter how much i understand that everything is temporary, i still wish. this time period, which seems so long until he or i may cover the distance, is only temporary yet continues to seem so long and drawn-out. i long to be far away. there are loves here, all around. yet my heart is missing one who lies northbound. i think of him now and am once again in wonderment as i try to understand why he chose me.

the breeze continues on through, unfelt from where this temporary time holds me, as does that certain pang inside me. and i'm finding words sung in songs that may not have been noticed before, but now announce themselves with great emotion because they mean something now. they mean something to me now.


Jason Pestell said...

If you continue far enough outward to see what is temporary, you will find that beyond the temporary pain and loneliness is the temporary life of our mortal existence. Yet in that temporal existence, I find so much joy in sharing a relationship so full of love with so beautiful a daughter of God. And I, therefore, thank and praise God for the temporal life, both the pains and the joys because I am able to spend them with you. And in the hereafter, we will share in eternity in a greater relationship, one in which our temporal relationship finds any sort of meaning