Thursday, June 14, 2007

the rose

ever before: a symbolic representation of a heart. and the "girl with the rose" could be found on class notes, letters, paintings, church bulletins, and even an old train door.
the expression of her was so necessary. and the significance of the rose was never told to anyone. its simplicity of four strokes stood on its own (in more ways than one).

and the girl ever held this four-stroked rose (or sometimes, looked upon it longingly) hoping with all she was that someone would notice it. and it may be seen as a most beautiful thing and, with fullness and depth, be befriended and eventually loved thoroughly and gently and passionately.
at other, more painful times, the girl would stretch out her arm, extending the rose as far as she might. but there was never anyone there. there was only dimly lit rooms without windows and doors that led to other dimly lit rooms without views and without hope. any belief that she had, faded over the twelve months upon twelve months upon twelve months and on.
and at a time most unexpected, someone saw her rose and found it worthy and beautiful. and it was more than she could understand and the rose blossomed and the scent was rich and wild and full.
now the girl no longer holds her rose, outstretched and pained. for now a boy holds the rose and cares for it before himself. and the rose, so lonely and withering, is alive and well and free and full.


Jason Pestell said...

Ce blog est si beau et bien-écrit que les larmes sont presque tombées de mes yeux. Il me touche le coeur et sa beauté réveille mes émotions. Jusqu'au soir passé, je n'ai pas su l'importance de la rose, mais ce matin je suis si heureux de porter la rose de m'amour.

Je prie à Dieu de m'aider en m'en occupant parce que je suis faible et je ne peux pas la porter tout seul. Je ne peut pas honorer assez ma belle demoiselle ou sa rose, mais je reconnais qu'elle mérite un tel honneur, un tel respect et une telle amour.

Cette fleur est très précieuse et alors j'espère que l'amour que viendra de mon coeur viendra premièrement du coeur de notre Seigneur afin que cette amour-là sera plus qu'il n'en faut.