Tuesday, June 26, 2007


there was a package lying on the table in my living room. i knew what it was the moment i saw the script. i lost my breath for a moment and it was all i could do to exercise patience and shower first for the workout had been rough. i wanted to open the package with all my heart, but could not possibly justify opening so beautiful a thing while being in so hot and sticky a state. it seemed to me some gesture of disrespect to do so.

and upon opening the long-awaited package, i was moved by its contents. the familiar handwriting was enough for the package to have completed its task of evoking great joy. and there were pages of it. pages with a story and words of the romantically affectionate kind.

and i gasped when i saw the carefully chosen DVD and felt so loved. not because i received a gift, but because of what his choice of such a gift meant. it signified his attentiveness to me. it signified his love for giving the perfect surprise without any hint prior to its presentation. it signified his sweet nature. and the chocolates accompanying it further enveloped me in love and warmth and special nesses about which only he could know. the tissues to soothe the tears when he can no longer wipe them or kiss them from cheeks and nose and chin.

i smiled so widely as i looked at a mathematical love note that could only have been made by the boy i love. i smiled and a giggle escaped without my initial notice for the note was so witty and sweet and adorably beautiful.

and he guided me in Scripture. in words i forget everyday, but of which he has continually reminded me. and i decided they belong on my wall that i may see them frequently that they might not fade from the memory of a girl whose forgetfulness runs more freely than it ought to at times.

and he even set his eyes on me and i marveled at their beauty.


Jason Pestell said...

I am breathless at the beginning of each beautifully written and descriptive paragraph of appreciation and gratitude. I love you deeply, my Kimi.