Wednesday, May 30, 2007

current affairs

the world is telling me that summer is passing along as that child on the red bicycle without concept of time yet again and i am being left behind with "less-than" company (i.e. work). however, the world appears an (overall) brighter place than in the past and i attribute most of that to a handful of specifics.

i am in a constant state of distraction-and-smiles that alludes to me the suggestion that my world has not changed, but rather- i have. i am not without hardship and struggle, but have found myself with more on my side, which makes all the difference.

summertime truly is a time of replenishment for the student. a time of deep breaths and late nights and carefree "what-should-i-do-this-afternoon"s. thank God that our school system permits summer vacations because without them, i presume i would have have ripped at the seams long ago.

as to the aforementioned work, i continue in my administrative secretarial work at a local church in the mornings (the enjoyable job) and have reaquired my old position as switchboard operator at the university in the afternoons (the "eh" job). both jobs add up to full-time work while allowing evenings of freedom. freelance photography shoots are being scheduled and provide me with something other than desk work while keeping me earning. i have been hired to photograph a Bat Mitzvah (to take place this saturday) and am both nervous and excited. the pay is quite lovely and i am thrilled to add to my portfolio.

i am attempting to save up for two trips. the first is to take place this summer in which i will travel with a dear friend, bryan, up to san francisco, oakland, and windsor. in san francisco, we will be visiting the Academy of Art and checking out the photography school there. in oakland, we will visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins (in addition to their border collie and cat). windsor will be our last stop in which we will stay with jason's family for a few days and will be shown all of his old haunts.

the second trip for which i am saving my earnings is to take place next summer. brittany has informed me that i will be backpacking across europe with her, staying in hostels and enjoying photography shoots, sightseeing, and adventures (as there are always adventures when brittany has anything to do with anything).

i graduate this december (isn't that something?). it is about time for such an event. following graduation, i will begin the application process for photography schools (mostly up north).

there. update: complete.