Thursday, May 31, 2007

summer points up

the psalms are songs with far reaching depths that- as i read- prick me (in a good way) and send my thoughts back to the One they should never have left.

during the summertime there, all-of-a-sudden, seems to be a yearning in my heart to know God and to understand His Word and Law and to spend time in prayer. i wonder, where does that passion go during the school year? it seems to be tied to the fast-moving pace of everything and anything and gets carried away and dismissed in the name of education and work and social life. and as much as i wish i were able to excuse myself with this very understandable reason, i cannot. owning up to one's own choices and neglect feels lousy. it sucks. but, it sucks less than lying to myself.

my baby sister (who is nineteen) is in Argentina giving her heart to many. i read her messages home and am so proud of her. her passion stems from something i am unsure as to whether i have ever really understood. there are moments in my memory in which i can recall something extraordinary that looks somewhat like my baby sister's heart, but her heart never seems to turn off or fade or lose strength. she has long been my dearest love and i never cease to learn from her and that powerful heart she seems to shine on everyone she meets.

all of this morning's thoughts are inevitably circling around in my mind and making me ponder deep sorts of things that i ought to think about all the time whether i have time for them or not. making time is something with which i need to get more familiar.

and it made me smile (just now) when i thought of summer and how it seems to center on the sun. the Son.