Thursday, March 27, 2014

I can't decide if I'm cold or warm these days. There's been a bit too much coming at me all at once to tell. But, that's okay. I'll just keep a sweater at the ready. Lately, I've noticed that...

...taking a walk everyday feels incredibly good
...sometimes, I can wear green without looking jaundiced
...drinking really really cold water makes me happy
...I think Jason secretly wishes to be the sixth member of Pentatonix (so, Hextatonix???)
...setting actual Lacelit work hours for myself increases productivity and reduces interruptions
...the desire to choreograph will always rise up in me again eventually because it's part of me
...when we go on walks, I like to pseudo-house shop and Jason likes to borderline-trespass
...knitting can be a lovely way to spend an evening
...letting people go doesn't mean they won't return again

sharp and bright
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