Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In the late night, all I wanted to do was drink cold water and let the tranquil darkness drink me. The pillow was too warm and the night shadows were too welcome, especially for fading away from them in sleep. My mind was awake and active, and I wanted to do something having to do with written words whether it be reading or writing or drawing.

Jason was sleeping and my cat was exploring somewhere downstairs. My stomach was uneasy. (I think I got seasick from all the cool drinking water with unknown time ticking by in silence.) The fan blurred out any sounds for imagining and tempted me to rise and dishonor the obligatory sleep-casting of the darkness for a spell.

But, I stayed beneath my covers and tried to lie still so not to wake Jason. I twirled the new shortness of my hair between the thumb, pointer and middle fingers of my left hand, feeling the silky texture of freshly liberated hair, and let it lull me to sleep.

iphone | ceiling beneath my feet
© kimberly k. taylor-pestell, all rights reserved