Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This happened.

It's hard to believe that since Jason's perfectly original, overcast autumn proposal two years ago yesterday, we have experienced so much newness. New jobs for both of us, a truly true wedding, the making of our first little home and finding out that being "us" really is the most naturally lovely thing I have encountered.

I am so happy with our little life together even when outside shadows taint clear days. And remembering that the true joy of two years ago, is one of those wonderful things I understand that no one else can possibly share in, except for Jason and me. Because it was just us there in that moment, sitting in a small, curtained photo booth waiting for the flash. And maybe that is why we can't ever forget.

And it doesn't even matter that when we returned to the Italian cafe this weekend, the wide glass windows shown through to a now vacant expanse waiting for a new buyer to come along with a new vision, or that our beloved little photo booth at the newspaper shop broke down and the owner had to bid it goodbye.

There may not be anything left of that day but our memories and priceless photo strips, but the beauty of it all hangs in the air like red paper kites, tails streaming in the wind.


You know who (the good one) said...

J'aime ces mots-ci et ce qu'ils me faisaient me souvenir de ces jours-là!