Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today is a Wednesday. A Wednesday with delicious morning beverages and surrounding mists and crisp, cold weather for breath clouds and shivering.

I want to be outside listening to booted feet on cold pavement. To sit in the middle of its goodness and notice everything. And to pen some sentence-strings because it is the first day that really feels like October and it deserves to be embraced.

So, cheers to autumn, and to feeling inspired and content. To waiting all summer-and-spring long to find a chipper season-friend that can draw me in and make me feel a part of my surroundings. The season that feels like a truer expression of my being and lets me remember what it's like to reside in a deeper authenticity simply by existing while it exists, too.

Thanks for coming, friend. You are most welcome, so please stay a while.

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