Friday, January 11, 2013

i want this blog to be filled with pretty things, warm thoughts, light-filled photographs and simple poetry. but sometimes things are dark, cold and complicated. and those things necessitate time to be expressed, too.

it is a clever little trick for the light and dark to walk along the same tracks, side by side. beauty on the left, devastation on the right- the two interacting, yet set apart at the same time.

things lie outside my control. and i hope for their sakes that this...

"this is what it's like
finding your feet again
the part of you that couldn't,
finally thinks you can...'re taking off some time to do this
  a small apartment bedroom, rearranged
to know that you are loved...

a brownstone on a street in Brooklyn
the light tier flash from temperature to time
and people do the same
you're falling asleep again
part of you, a dreamer
and part of you is dreamt

and you said,
go now in the light of your God
go now in the love of your God
go now in the peace of your God
go now in the joy of your God"

...can be true

excerpts from finding your feet again by denison witmer
iPhone 5, AltPhoto | at day's end
 © kimberly k. taylor-pestell, all rights reserved


Jess Engel said...

We so often don't speak of being melancholy, for fear of disturbing others' kind hearts. There are times, where I wonder if there is a place in this demanding world where it is safe to expose both sides of yourself. Sometimes, it only exists in a two-person world, sometimes three or four. And there is a never ending search through our relationships to find that kind of understanding.

I love you dearly, my friend. You've been part of a grander joy in my life (by looking at Darkness in the face, and not shutting your eyes). I send my warmth to you at all times.