Monday, March 12, 2012

The overcast skies and brisk morning temperature raised my hopes and I have been carrying around my brand spankin' new happy umbrella all day hoping for a few drops of rain.  I am not a weather-checker, so I am always surprised by rainfall or 100-degree weather.  But, I'll take the overcast wonder even if the rain is remiss.  So lovely, so fresh and envigorating.

Week- into busy weekend- into week- into busy weekend, seems to be the pattern lately.  Last night, Jason and I hauled and hawed and reorganized my garage in the hopes of storing this beautiful king-sized bed between now and July/August when we find our new home.  Probably too soon to be lifting things (given my recent fight with torticollis), but the bed is coming today or Thursday, so no choice!  We made excellent progress and Val was shocked and impressed at our ability to consolidate boxes and separate out her stuff from her daughter, Kirsten's storage, while still leaving (hopefully) ample room for the bed.

Last night, I was quite sore and had a little numb spot between my shoulder blades along my spinal collumn, probably not a good thing, but everything seems back to normal today with only the typical amount of pain and tightness that have been hovering since my trip the spasms desisted. 

And things are movin' movin' movin' and I have to look at that as a good thing. 

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