Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Scarlet was put down on Saturday.  Poor little love.  She was such a tough little thing- fighting leukemia throughout her short six years of life; losing her kitten, Roxy, to leukemia she had genetically transfered to her baby; and developing myelopathy (similar to Lou Gehrig's disease) in the last several months.  Val couldn't bear to watch her continue to waste away and suffer more than she already has, so she decided to put her down when Scarlet was still Scarlet- before the pain worsened and she could no longer even hobble around as she has been doing.

The townhouse feels empty.  We keep walking into the livingroom, our eyes darting to Scarlet's little "cubby hole" between the couches.  I pass Val's room and my gaze looks to Scarlet's side of the bed, expecting to see her little Siamese fur curled up on the pillow or stretched out basking in the sun.  When the garage door sounds below, I expect to see Scarlet darting downstairs to greet Val or hopping up on the table to look out the window when Val departs to watch her drive away.  And Val says that Scarlet used to hear me walking up the pavement out front and would hop off her cozy spot on the couch to welcome me home.  Apparently, she never did this for anyone else who came to the front door- so she must have known my footsteps somehow.  I never knew about it until now- I just thought she happened to be near the door when I got home.

We miss her.  A lot.  And it just doesn't feel like home without her wonderful little self.  We feel very very blessed to have had Scarlet in our lives and been the ones she loved most.  She was such a loyal and loving companion and her presence such a comfort and joy.

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Jason Pestell said...

Scarlet was such a precious cat, timid and subtly playful. I am glad to have read this post honoring and remembering her gentle spirit -- I will miss her as well.