Friday, March 9, 2012

Everytime I drive home... or drive anywhere for that matter, I cannot help but notice the homes, the apartment buildings, and the townhouse units en route.  With each new mile, they seem to be exuding a stately air (even if they're not the stately type) to win me over as I drive their lined streets- streets of differing road curvatures and widths, automobiles claiming driveways, yard ornaments indicating their person.  Such variety, such distiction.  I have been dreaming for a place of my own since I was a teenager, or maybe even before, and it is nearly nearly. 

I think I have a watercolor-blurred image in my mind of what would suit us- of what would feel like us.  Location, however, is something that is changing.  Initially, our hearts were set only on Monrovia.  But now, Jason and I are reconsidering.  As we make our commutes to and from work, to and from work, to and from work, windows are cracking open to Arcadia and Pasadena.  If we found our space further west, Jason might actually have time to spend with me, with people, and maybe even enjoying leisurely habits he has neglected all year.  Eliminating 5:00am mornings would be so wonderful.  Thoughts are being thunk and first drafts are being reworked and a steady little excitement is growing.

fuji instax mini:  monrovian | © kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved