Thursday, March 29, 2012

book for march

Surprised by Hope | N.T. Wright

Not so very much time for leisurely reading lately.  I have been stagnantly paused in the middle of The Tiger's Wife for over a month now- and not for lack of interest.  Books are dear to me.  So imaginative, so enjoyable, so affecting.  They comprise of end of a days and breakaways.  I miss its escape.

March is not yet over, but I already know that I will not finish any other books in the remaining three days.

Non-fiction has always been a challenge for me- unless it is a history where there is still story.  Stories are and always be what makes my love of reading so deep.  However, I am in a theological book group made up of some very special friends of mine and we meet once a week and discuss difficult questions, try to wrap our minds around heady concepts, and together- we hope for hope.

This book has been read over a series of many months, split in the middle by an intermission to read a part of Eternity in their Hearts by Don Richardson.  There is so much to be said of what I did or did not agree with, what provoked what in me, and where I have more questions,  but that is precisely what book group meetings are for.

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