Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I keep thinking about things that are for my future self- my post-wedding self- to push forward at the right time.  And the things on which I am supposed to be focusing my attention, are falling away in drafts -- thoughts never fully formed.  I am tired of focused thought.  Disjointed thoughts skipping from ideas and colors to images and music... these are the things that are present for me lately. 

However, time is slip-slipping by and the time between now and then is being used up.  There is so much to be done between now and September and I need to focus on planning.  It is just that I would much rather spend any rare moments Jason and I do have together, simply being together, and without having to bring out The Binder, work on projects, and fry our brains with every last detail.

My Twenty-Nine Days Challenge is coming to a close and I really do see how it has helped me out with providing short respites during my days.  Yet at the same time, it has been a bit distracting {albeit, in a lovely way} and it is time to get down to {wedding} business.

But for now, a daydream...

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