Wednesday, January 25, 2012

O is for Overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed.  Entirely overwhelmed.

The wedding planning is so much and every weekend has been filled without my approval.  Filled with so many places to be and tasks to be ticked off my neverending list.  So many people I want to see {desperately}, but simply cannot cram in between everything else.  I do not know the balancing act and wish for making friends with Cirque du Soleil or the Chinese Acrobats to learn it.

Everyone tells me that it will all get done somehow and I know this to be true.  I simply feel so stretched, so drained of energy.  Running on pure adreneline ended miles back and I am quite literally trudging, one step forward at a time, to keep any sort of momentum at all.

Some of this is very happy and good and enjoyable.  Other parts feel so much harder {than they actually may be}.  They feel heavy and unsurmountable and I wish I had help.  I am positively horrible at asking for help and releasing my clenched fists to allow for lovelies to take things out of my palms.  I just look around and see how busy everyone else is, and I seem to fit right in.

My introverted nature always heightens when I am stressed, and I seem to need more solitude than ever.  There is simply no time for such.  I really just need time and a peaceful environment with no agendas hanging over me and my subconscious, swinging into my periphery every few minutes.

So, here's to the dream of solitude, rest, and quiet moments...  Cheers.

{canon 30d:  neighborly - Auburn, CA}
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