Wednesday, November 2, 2011


In the days since Keech's death, I have ached to sit at a piano and compose.  Compose until there is a piece for Keech.  I feel a deep longing in my heart and fingers to express something beautiful in his memory, something that I could send to Yuka, Shuntaro, and Eitaro.

In the intermission before I can find an outlet for this, I found an unfinished piece from several years ago.  The errors are many and the pedal's screech at the end of the video is wrenching, but it feels like something for "the meantime" until I can compose again...

composed by
© kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved


Bryan Schnebelt said...

That was lovely. I think a piece for Keech would be a great way to channel the powerful feelings you have, as well as a beautiful way of preserving his memory. A song can speak volumes without a single word, and can live on forever.

Victorya said...

Kimberly, I didn't know you played- and what a composer you are! This was beautiful, and I look forward to hearing the song you write for Keech. Music is such a wonderful way to express things when there simply are no words.