Friday, June 24, 2011

oh deary


Some slightly disconcerting news and more appointments with my eye doctor to come.  Hopefully, nothing serious- hopefully, something fixable.  I think, "warped cornea" and "a lot of scratches", sounds worse than it may be.  Since I am taking my cues from her and she did not express any sense of impending doom, I am going to simply do what she says and go back tomorrow morning after my "cornea has relaxed" (no contacts tonight) and get a second round of tests done for her to get a better idea of my current state of eyesight.

She said that I may need be prescribed some intermediary (yes, I think that term applies) soft lenses (never done that before) in the hopes of finding out if I can get back to the OrthoK program (I hope, I hope).  If I can get back to that program, new lenses will need to be designed as my old ones are not longer effective and are scratching and warping my corneas (ugh).  So, more follow-up appointments so she can retest my eyes and find a more accurate perscription once the cornea has relaxed more.

So blurriness continues for a while longer.  But I don't have glaucoma or macular degeneration, so at least that's dandy.

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Allison said...

My friend's father was just diagnosed with macular dystrophy. Glad to hear that's not what's going on with you! Please keep us posted.

Kimberly said...

I have another appointment tomorrow morning and will hopefully know more about whether they can get me back on the Ortho K program. I hope I hope I hope!