Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ode to Daddy

Today, is my Dad's birthday and I am
so very glad and thankful that he was
born. I respect his mind, his constant
and steadfast support, and how he has
never given up, even though life has
been very hard.  I am thankful for the
way he has always, ever believed in me.
And how he believes in my intelligence
and my creativity even when they are
different from his own.  He is one of the
smartest people I know, but he is one of
the humblest, never making others feel
inferior.  Never making me feel that I
am any less. Instead, he makes me feel
I am more.  My dear Daddy is a truest
blessing to my life and his love for me
means the world to me.  Happy happy
birthday, Daddy. You make this world
more beautiful and I love you, always.

My Daddy and a present!
My favorite early photograph of Daddy, me, and Stephanie.
I've always loved how handsome he looks when he sits, quietly contemplating.