Friday, April 15, 2011

sweep awayaway

I long for uninterrupted sleep, where the sun stays away and dreams lull rather than raise.  For an ink pen and water colours in my hand to form fleurets on  For whispers that say positive things all the livelongday.  To jump up and down until my teeth hurt or my breath fails and then lay on my back in the middle of the floor and look up at a ceiling fan until my heart slows down and my breath becomes a steady rhythm keeping time to the music in my head.  For friends who stay or last.  For inspiration that comes from the mundanely beautiful, like so many things I respect.  And to sweep away the remnants that disclose the same-olds and hindrances from what I have chosen and keep reminding me that there is much more.  For harmony to tingle and charm and alarm my senses to stay awake and take it all in, but in ebbs and flows, a little at a time.  For living in a living way.

 {canon 30d : living in a living way}
© kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved