Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Goals

..1..  secret
..2..  buy a set of watercolours (and use them)
..3..  experiment with my Impossible Film
..4..  keep up with my exercise challenge
..5..  get more sleep
..6..  make plans
..7..  finish a recent wedding shoot project
..8..  secret
..9..  buy a pair of sunglasses (never had one)
.10.  pay more attention to things

{polaroid:  most beloved}
© kimberly k. taylor, all rights reserved


Brittany said...

Is that me looming over your goals.... ;b

unapparently so said...

Looming? Not at all. :D As you are one of my greatest inspirations, it is quite appropriate for you to be OVERARCHING my goals. :) Did you notice the polaroid title at the bottom?

Jason Pestell said...

I really like this photo :)
De qui les buts non écrits sont-ils secrets? De moi ou de quelqu'un d'autre ou de tout le monde?

Victorya said...

What are #1 and #8? Unspoken goals?

unapparently so said...

Victorya- They are just for me to know. :)