Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MuchLoveMonday: {Rain}

Written yesterday.

It's misty and raining today and I love it.  I love it, except for how it makes my voice or how water soaks slowly up my pant legs over the course of the day.  But, I love it.  Did you know that I used to hate the rain?  Really really.

But now,

I love the rhythm of windshield wipers.
I love beads of droplets being pulled and pushed across my windshield by the wind.
I love how plants look after the rain has washed away all the dust.
I love spider webs turned to lace.
I love the sound, especially when I am trying to fall asleep.
I love the multiplication of your everyday reflections.
I love free car washes.
I love overcast days with one of my cameras in hand.

{This entry is a part of MuchLoveMonday, but
is a day late because I had no internet yesterday}

{lg lotus cell phone:  rain date}
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Victorya said...

I love the rain too- there is something calming about it, and it makes me see things from a different perspective than I do on sunny days, though I can't quite figure out why. I think it reminds me of quiet and happy days when I was little.