Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I like:

these flowers

the last name Fitzpatrick

the book I'm reading,
The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery
and given to me by Diane Pestell

silver better than gold

checking things off my list of tasks

using my savings account for the first time since I moved out in 2003

taking Jason's home-cooked meals with me to work for lunch

singing High School Musical songs in the car

watching old Mad About You reruns with Jason

toffee powdered sugar almonds from Peet's Coffee

{fuji instax mini:  my first instant mini}
© kimberly k. taylor, all rights reserved


Sydney said...

There's an excellent book called "The Glass Castle" you may like! I just though of it! Thank you for stopping by!

Jason Pestell said...

~1~ Those flowers remind me of childhood - they grew somewhere in my past :)
~2~ Jill Barbuto's maiden name is Fitzpatrick
~3~ I like my current readings as well (almost done with Harry Potter et la chambre des secrets)
~4~ Je suis en accord avec toi (I agree with you)
~5~ I should make more to-do lists
~6~ I'm depleting my savings account for the first time since APU days (il y a trois ans)
~7~ I like doing that too, and I like taking them to your place and other people's houses
~8~ Ooo, fun!
~9~ As do I!
~10~ Never experienced ...

seijitsu said...

What HSM songs do you know?