Friday, July 23, 2010


I work in a place that makes me feel that greens are more than greens and that there is a gentle, steady motion by which you can actually keep time.  And it is a positive rhythm that blows in with the breezes and disappears on the backs of dragonflies.  Sounds are always chipper (especially the one the squirrels make) and people seem content and excited about things.  There is an energy on campus and it feels good and healthy.

 {fuji instax mini: here makes me glad}
© kimberly k taylor 2010

The last two years, were incredibly difficult and I lost a part of myself for a while.  My creative side was restrained without time or energy or inspiration or much of anything else.  Drained.  Now,  there is more draining going on.  But, a draining away, to make a new pool- a reserve- again.  A reserve to host ideas again.  My everyday is beginning to change shade.  Greys and blacks and coatings of dingy, choking spores are levitating off of me and flying off to their destiny of being forgotten.

Lately, I am absorbing novels, making art, and meeting characters in films that I have always wanted to see.  I am writing more than ever and taking photographs again (and not for a client this time, for me).  It is good-feeling.  It feels like reacquainting with an old friend. 

I feel a little rusty, but I don't mind.  I am much happier.