Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jason Squarehead

It is a Saturday where I tried to sleep in 
because my whole self needed rest, but
I ended up waking up every hour since
8 AM or before then. It was intermittent
sleep with thick dreams filled with details
and color. Headache, headache, go away.

The other day, I found Jason Squarehead
resting in my room. I thought it was funny
and he let me take a picture; he always does.

I like it when my camera is on the
wrong setting and I get an accidental
shot that turns out to be likeable:

{photographs:  jason squarehead}
© Kimberly K. Taylor


Jason Pestell said...

I am in an ethereal unknown world - unknown to even me; only my arm ties me back to the reality I think that I know :)