Tuesday, July 27, 2010

in my head in my head

{Note: in memory of depression}

i was walking in my head
in my head where thoughts were dead
privy to wayward falsehoods

they told me bold alluring trains
to make me feel the way i did
the way i did torment myself

i was looking in my past
in my past where life was vast
privy to token polaroids

they showed me charming stains
to take me back to where i was
to where i was forsaken most

i was talking in my sleep
in my sleep where dreams are deep
privy to repugnant tones

they pushed me with unyielding feigns
to make me steal away from fear
away from fear in staggered jolts

© Kimberly K. Taylor

{polaroid:  a mistake doesn't always have to be bad}
© Kimberly K. Taylor