Sunday, March 21, 2010

One good thing from the day

Today was off right from the off.  And for no reason.  No good reason, anyways.  I tried doing things that usually provide enjoyment and peace, but the moment I began them, they failed me.  Or, I failed them.  The day was tainted and painted in a color I couldn't reconcile or make friends with no matter how hard I tried.

A new heading image for this place seemed appropriate.  It was about time that there was something that brings in the blues a bit more and creates a soothing sort of climate.  The old heading was made of others' graphics and I wanted a new one to be my own.  It is made out of polaroids I have taken in the last several years.

...Polaroids I have taken in the last several years since I became inspired by the work of brilliant polaroid artists such as Jenifer Altman [1] [2], Jen Gotch [1] [2], and Alicia Bock [1] [2].  These lovely ladies taught me that sometimes pairing polaroids creates something entirely new, so here is my first Duet:

 {polaroids:  duet I: white}
© kimberly k taylor

I have so much to learn from them and the beauty they find and capture and create.  Although my flimsy beginnings in this wonderful polaroid world have not yet become, they are a direction and they make me happy.

So in this off day, I center on something new because, quite frankly, I don't know what else to do.