Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can you hear the light, light rain
Slipping, seeping ‘neath the pane?
Can you hear it through closed lids
Of eyes that did
Witness what they’d rather not
Pretending they forgot?

Can you sing the sweet, sweet tune
Peaceful as the glow of moon?
Can you sing it through the night
Despite the bite
Tapers to its lastly song
Regretting things gone wrong?

Can you feel the swift, swift wind
Sure and strong ‘gainst we who’ve sinned?
Can you feel it through the shade
Mistakes we’ve made
Wishing for what lingers not
Suspending ropes held taught?

A mournful tune came out of me as I drove home from church this evening.  The mournful tone was unrelated to church, I think, though I may find some connection later.  I think it more likely, however, to be related to my mood, which if you believe me, was not particularly sad.  Venturing to say the truth, I felt (artful).  I put the adjective in parentheses to make it seem less because saying I felt "artful" sounds arrogant to me.  And while I might feel arrogant in unattractive, prideful moments of my life, I do not feel so tonight, so good.

The third and fourth stanzas came later on after I was off the road and upstairs with my window shades up outlooking the night and abandoned railroad.  They came to me as as I sat at my desk recalling the lyrics and tune from my drive home onto a Word document. I get sad when I forget things that my mind thought significant at the time.

The mournful melody is floating around vividly in my head tonight, but being realistic, it will probably fade away during the patterns of sleep.  Then, the lyrics will be all that is left.  This, is a recurring thing with me and the songs that come into my head.

{Polaroid:  Dividing the Sky}

© Kimberly K Taylor 2010