Wednesday, December 9, 2009

6-Part Ridiculous Day

1. First thing in the morning, I awoke from with my left hand all pins and needs from laying on it the wrong way along with visions of very vivid, strange dreams.  Dreams of disasters at work in which a parent was fiddling with our live streaming video system, which allows parents to observe the classes from the lobby, and angry parents were demanding to know why they couldn't see their child!  And I couldn't, for the live of me, figure out what that horrible mom had done to disconnect the camera system.

2.  I then proceeded to have a very exhausting, rough day at work-  Probably because my boss is out of the country for the month and I'm in charge, which wouldn't be so bad except that our scheduled phone meetings have been deterred by poor overseas reception.  It also wouldn't be so bad except that a huge client issue came up at the end of yesterday's work day, one of which, I wasn't sure I could act on without my boss' go ahead.  Since our phone meeting never happened this morning and the next one isn't scheduled until Friday morning (and who knows if the reception will be better then?), I felt this serious of a problem couldn't be put off another 24-hours or worse, several days.  If so, we would have a very unhappy client on our hands.  I had tried e-mailing my boss, too, but no responses came back.

So, I made a decision.  I stayed late at work, taking care of some communication and at the very end of the day, received an e-mail from my boss responding to my e-mail in which I had explained the situation.  And, according to her response to the problem (even though she wasn't aware I'd already taken action), it seems my decision is right in line with her thoughts, so SWEET RELIEF!  At least I can sleep tonight.

4. This very exhausting and stressful, longer-than-it-should-have-been day at work was only part of all that was Today.  In the back of mind, the nagging voice telling me that I was supposed to be using those extra hours I'd stayed at work, to work on a freelance job (gah).

5.  Traffic was a bully.  A bully in a bad mood.  A bully who just found out you were the one who had turned him in for cheating on a test.  Thus, I forwent driving another 20 miles to church group.  I just couldn't seem to stop myself from getting off at my exit and going straight home (thank God, there was a parking space!).

6.  The one good thing during my day (aside from a short-but-sweet phone call with Bryan), was that a client who works at a nearby restaurant, had stopped by with freshly made Mexican food (chicken taquitos, guacamole, beans, and baked chips) and I had been looking forward to eating it as the sweet end to a horrible day.  Trouble is, after heating it to perfection, I proceeded up the stairs to my room to eat in peace and quiet.  On the 6th step, I clumsily tripped and proceeded to flip my entire plate onto the floor.  And Mexican food is unredeemable after landing on the carpet of a home in which lives a cat.

Ridiculous, no?