Thursday, March 12, 2009

book 1 and book 2

i'm reading a new book... actually- there are two. i'm not being disloyal, i promise. i do believe in loyalty to books. the undivided attention books- good books- deserve. there is a reason i feel it's okay this time. they are completely and undeniably unrelated and therefore, do not distract me from the other or in any way deter me from the point of each one.

book 1: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain

book 2: Turn My Mourning Into Dancing by Henri Nouwen

do you know either of these books? friends, friends, they are both wonderful. these are two writers who never cease to sink in their roots and stay for a while. it is no matter if the topic or story naturally seems the type to draw my attention. no, there is always something i discover and i enjoy turning each page and seeing what words are there.

i look forward to the end of some days. that is when i read. i climb my bunk, tuck my comforter under my chin, and read by flashlight. just like when i was young and small except i don't have to hide under the covers anymore. no one will come and tell me to go to sleep because it's too late or tell me to turn of the light because they're trying to sleep.



Jason Pestell said...

You're cute :)