Thursday, February 26, 2009


i lunched outdoors on a bench overlooking a pond. the pond was fed by a little dancing brook- very childlike in manner and entirely pleasant. i observed a Psalm and journaled in my surroundings and there was a lovely sensation of tranquility and subtle cheer.

granted more time, i would have packed away my leftover triangle-cut turkey sandwiches and string cheese and gone for a little walk in my black coat. but i sat, nibbling on breadcrusts and wishing for more time and more stillness like i was experiencing just then.

it was the sort of moment to begin a poem. to string words without thought and be liberated from thinking too hard. to loosen the ties that bind in the daily dos and soak in all the good and the simple. then a man entered the serenity and speaking on his cell phone, reminded me that i was still in the world and what i do affects people and what they do affects me. and so my little lunch outing was over and i headed back into things.

and my biggest regret was that i didn't have my poloroid with me.