Sunday, January 25, 2009

a bit burnt

a little bit burning out.

even when i'm not doing anything, my mind can't stop thinking, worrying, planning. insomnia is increasing each day until i finally crash and can't stay awake, nor wake up.

and what makes it harder: jason's pretty busy and we never have time to talk. when i'm available, he's not. when he's available, i'm not. when we do get to talk, our energy is almost depleted. and for now, i wish we could simply exist, working on different things, yet next to each other or in the same room. that would suffice for now.

may is nearing, but time just inches along in the meantime (which is crazy in and of itself) since i never have the time to stop.

i've taken on more than i can chew and i need a vacation that won't come.


Matt said...

It will come, give it time. When it comes, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you tackled everything on your plate to the best of your ability. Set a date, put it on the calendar, and save up, for whatever that vacation might be. Make it happen, you're driving the bus. :)