Sunday, August 3, 2008

bliss has many ways

The word "bliss" can be used to express many things, and things all very different from each other.

Today, "bliss" expresses the feeling I have this very moment, in which I have edited the last of 1,419 images for the Bar Mitzvah photography job I shot at the tail end of June. All that is left of the project is to burn them onto four CDs, label them, and mail them out from the Glendora Post Office. The job will be officially done and I will be free again.

Editing is tedious and in the end, gruesome. The last 200 images felt heavier and longer than the rest.


I'd forgotten about the above post; left it unfinished. I am now wondering why I'm typing here when I only have a limited amount of sleeping hours before I must be up and wading through morning traffic to Pasadena.

See, these past several weeks, I have experienced another kind of bliss. The kind of bliss that is in the non-existent traffic from Azusa to Pasadena. Beginning tomorrow, and for the next two weeks, I will be bumper-to-bumpering along with all those other crazy commuters and wondering if I should take side streets (but then deciding not to just in case that should end up taking me more time and result in tardiness).

I'm tired, my friends, and that means something. But before bed, I think I should take up my Ibuprofen and slay this mighty beast of a headache.