Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'll just call him Christopher.

There is a young man, who I'll call Christopher for blog's sake, who frequents my favorite coffee shop on a most regular basis. I, find comfort in this consistency. Therefore, Christopher's presence serves as a constant in my daily comings and goings and it is somewhat of a relief to find him there even though I have no idea who he even is.

I am curious about him (and no need for concern, it is mere platonic curiosity, I assure you). Much in the way a writer or an artist observes a person for inspiration, wondering about their story or (more often than not) creating their own.

From the 3-5 seconds I see Christopher on a given day, I have observed that he sits (often outside), reading a book or typing on his laptop, and he has a gentle, peaceful look about him. At first glance, you might think there is a small smile on his face because of a kind of content "energy" about him, but in actuality he isn't smiling at all. And then I think, "Now, he would make a lovely character in a book."

If only I were a writer.


Jessica said...

I love people watching because you come in contact with so many interesting characters you would have otherwise overlooked. I was re-reading "Persuasion" last night, trying to fall asleep. I think that is one of Austen's strongest points - character sketches. Absolutely witty ways of describing each and every one; associating an object, a mood, or an expression with each person. I wish I could see some of them on a daily basis in ordinary life settings. It would be most amusing. How funny that you feel the reverse. You've already seen a person who would make a marvelous character and only wish you could use him in a book.

You are a writer to me. You see things most people can’t see or at least don’t take the time to see, and write them down for the rest of us. Your descriptions of every day life are always dear, beautiful, touching, sweet, entertaining, clever, enjoyable, engaging, compelling, or inspiring…Whatever the mood they evoke, it is an absolute pleasure to read them. We’re not all born to be novelists. You are an artist in the true sense, perhaps even more so, human – perfectly and wonderfully a human who feels, thinks, philosophizes, observes, tastes, touches, experiences, LIVES – and lives beautifully.

Jason Pestell said...

In my experience, anyone can become a writer with the correction inspiration. Thus I would advise you to even consider a short story or short passage from a greater story concerning him. You never know whether at some later time you will marvel at the creativity expressed through this spontaneous choice to just write what meets your fancy. :)

Jill said...

Haha--my dear, you ARE a writer. I love reading your blog. Come back soon, we missed you last night! :)