Tuesday, July 17, 2007

grieving for july

days have rushed past in quick succession, barring me from taking notice of july. and i have done it wrong. for july has a personality. a personality distinctly different from june or august. it is the middle child, often overlooked for it is neither the beginning nor the end. it is that somewhat boundry-less period of time that occurs between the noteable beginning of summer (with great rejoicing of freedom) and the end of summer (with deep longing for another summer [either that or an anticipation towards all things new]). july appears a portion of summer given superfluous amounts of varying emotions, attitudes, and forms of neglect (apathy, laziness, and distraction). and i have treated it thus. and it is nearly finished with its responsibilities for 2007 and will sleep again until another year has past and the summer has been dramatically introduced by june.


Jason Pestell said...

Juillet est un mois qui m'apporte une telle joie parce que c'est pendant ce mois au milieu de l'été que je pourrai voir l'enfant du milieu que j'aime et que je pourrai la tenir dans les bras.